Loft Conversions - North London.

Do you love having extra space? Loft conversions are the way to do it without moving home. Convert the space in your loft into more prime living space that fits into the rest of your house. Take advantage of the slopes of the roof, add lots of natural light and loft conversions are the way to add an aesthetically pleasing extension to your home.

We are specialists in many different types and styles of loft conversions, and have completed many projects for satisfied customers right across London.


loft conversion construction in North London:

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Here at The Barnet Loft Company in North London, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our loft conversions. Bringing together excellent workmanship, striking style and outstanding build quality, we can help you add an attractive new room to your home.

We've been developing our experience and knowledge of loft conversions for a number of years and during that time, we've become the industry leaders in the local area for loft conversions.


Deciding to convert your loft can be a big decision, but at the Barnet Loft Company, we can help you through the processes involved so that you have a loft conversion that suits your requirements.

No matter what your needs, or your budget, our experienced team of loft conversion experts in London can transform your empty loft space into an attractive, useful office, playroom or bedroom that maximises the potential of your home - and all at a cost effective price.


A qualified construction team like the Barnet Loft Compnay, should be employed to build your loft. The company should take care of all the permits and related paperwork for the construction. The architect and the construction team should take into consideration the following items when planning and building a loft conversion:


  • Structural Strength - If the loft is originally used for storing light items, then there is a need to build a new floor. The existing ceiling joists are not capable of bearing the load of an additional floor. Changes in the roof structure have to be considered and the load bearing capacity of existing walls, beams and posts re-computed too.


Fire Code - The floor, walls and doors of the loft conversion should be at least 30 minutes fire-resistant according to UK Building Code. Staircases should be enclosed of 30-minute fire-resistant walls too. The bathroom need not be fire resistant. If the loft has a dormer window, the exterior should be able to resist the spread of fire for at least 30 minutes.


  • Fire Escape - As staircase design will vary due to space constraint, the UK Fire Code specify that a staircase should be near or opens directly to an exit point and not to a room.

  • Ventilation - Even if natural ventilation is feasible in loft conversion, mechanical conversion is still required under the roof tiles to prevent condensation. Ridge vents should be placed in strategically to ventilate the roof space above the ceiling.

  • Weather Resistant Materials - The loft's roof and walls should be made of material that would keep the rain, snow and sun out but keep the heat (or cold) in.